Rapid Covid-19 Saliva Test

At MyCorkGP we offer rapid Covid-19 saliva testing.  The saliva screening is a less invasive alternative to the nasal/throat swab. It involves collecting saliva in a tube and the sample is then analysed in a laboratory. Saliva tests are 96% as accurate as a nasal/throat swab.

  • A PCR test using saliva to test for COVID-19.
  • 96% as accurate as the standard nose and throat swab.
  • The saliva screening represents a less invasive alternative to the nasal/throat swab.
  • You must not smoke, eat or drink for 30 minutes before the test. The test involves collecting 1ml of saliva in a test tube. This sample is then sent to the laboratory to be analysed.
  • Result Turnaround:  If swabs are booked before 11am they are likely to return that same evening. However we cannot guarantee swab turnaround times as there may be unforeseen delays in the lab which are outside our control.

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