Flu Vaccinations

The flu vaccine helps your immune system to produce antibodies (proteins that fight infection). If you have had the flu vaccine and you come into contact with the flu virus, the vaccine can stop you from getting sick. The flu vaccine starts to work within 2 weeks.

This year’s seasonal flu vaccine contains protection against 4 strains of flu virus. These are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the strains most likely to be circulating this season

Some people are more at risk of getting complications if they catch flu.

You can get the flu vaccine for free if you:

You can get the flu vaccine for free if you:

    • are 65 years of age and over
    • are pregnant
    • are a child aged 2 to 17 years
    • are an adult or child aged 6 months or older at increased risk for flu related complications. See HSE for list of conditions.

Flu vaccine and COVID-19 (coronavirus)

The flu vaccine doesn’t protect against COVID-19. It is important to get both the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine. This is because Flu and COVID-19 are caused by different viruses.

If you have had the COVID-19 vaccine you should still get the flu vaccine.